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FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Efficiently (and not necessarily Early) FIRE Belgium is a personal finance education community and business based in Belgium. We are here to help you earn, save and invest better so that you can build financial security and financial freedom, one step at a time. We use simple and effective methods to take control of our finances and progress towards Financial Independence (and efficient retirement).
The ability to do what you want, when you want, and with who you want, for as long as you want to, pays the highest dividend that exists in finance.
Morgan Housel
The Psychology of Money

Take control of your finances

Build the knowledge and confidence to become good with money Learn More

Grow your wealth passively

Your money works for you, not the other way around Learn More

Invest better than with banks

Reduce costs and improve performance Learn More

Achieve your money goals

Money is a tool to build a life you love Learn More

Prepare for your pension

Build a plan to counter the looming pension crisis Learn More

Protect yourself against inflation

Increase your purchasing power Learn More

No more money worries
Build more security and freedom

Benefits of
Index Investing in Belgium

High returns

Better performance than investment funds sold by banks and financial advisors. Proven by academic research and more than a hundred years of data and stats Learn More


10 times cheaper and more tax efficient than funds sold by banks and financial advisors Learn More


Takes less than 2 minutes per month after learning and setup. Optimised for you to spend your time on the things that matter more to you Learn More


Anyone can start investing for the long term with as little as 50 € Learn More


Instantly become an investor in thousands of companies around the world. Include high quality short-term bonds for improved stability Learn More


You see everything, no hidden fees, no conflict of interest, no black box Learn More


You’re in control. You can invest more or get out whenever you want. You decide and you can adjust anytime Learn More


Simple to implement. Beats inflation over the long term and provides a solution to the pension crisis Learn More


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