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The FIRE Belgium Show. Invest better to live more and give more

Welcome to
The FIRE Belgium Show

The video podcast that will help you to invest better to live more & give more

Money is one of the greatest tools we have to build a life we love. Whether you’re seeking financial freedom or security, or simply want to have more peace of mind when it comes to money, learning how to use it wisely is essential.

In this show, you will learn how to take control of your finances, start investing and put your money to work to serve you and others more effectively.

You will learn from world-class personal finance experts as well as from Sebastien’s experience in reaching financial independence at 33 and helping thousands of others make progress on their journey.

The FIRE Belgium Show: List of episodes

Episode 001: Welcome to the FIRE Belgium Show
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Episode 002: What is Financial Independence?
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Episode 003: How to start with Financial Independence?
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Episode 004: How to invest in a bear market? With Rick Ferri, host of the Bogleheads on Investing Podcast
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Episode 005: Retiring at 33: From broke to FI in 7 years
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Episode 006: The 5 things that helped me reach financial independence at 33
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Episode 007: Easiest way to invest in real estate? with François Kiesecoms from Scargo  

Episode 008: Retired at 31, without buying a house! With Kristy and Bryce from Millennial Revolution  

Episode 009: JL Collins on index investing for financial independence (The Simple Path to Wealth)   

Episode 010: How to pick your broker? (Investing from Belgium)

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Your host: Sébastien Aguilar

Sébastien is an index investor who has reached financial independence with his wife in 2018 when he was 33. He spends most of his days enjoying life with his kids and family. On the side (mostly when his kids sleep), Sébastien runs FIRE Belgium, an education community and business the helps people in Belgium build financial security and pursue financial independence.

Sébastien also runs the FIRE Belgium Academy where he teaches simple and effective index investing for people in Belgium. In his free workshop Sébastien explains how everyone can hugely benefit from index investing and how to get started.



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