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… you want a specialist to help you in a personalized way, answer your questions, give you independent opinion on your situation, help develop or improve your plan (based on your own decisions) and help you achieve it.


We are not financial advisors. We never try to sell any investment products. We do not receive any commissions. We do not hold client money. We do not provide regulated investment advice or product recommendations.

We work with intelligent people who want to learn and make their own decisions. We help people develop or improve their own plan and put it into action. 

FIRE Belgium consultants

Sebastien Aguilar (EN/FR)

Financial Indepence and Index Investing

Sebastien Aguilar

“I believe money is the most powerful tool to create security and freedom in your life, so that you can focus on what truly matters”.

Sébastien Aguilar is an educator and community builder in the areas of personal finance and investing. 

He reached financial independence (and early retirement) at 33solely via saving and index investing and since then spends most of his time with his wife and 2 young boys.

He has been helping people start index investing since 2015. In 2019 he founded FIRE Belgium, a fast-growing community of more than 7000 people today who help each other take control of their finances to live better lives.

Sébastien is the lead instructor of the Index Investing Online Course, where he takes people from zero to a fully optimized and automated investment personal system.

Sébastien offers consultations (available in EN and FR) to help people:

  • answer more complex investing questions,
  • simplify and optimize investment portfolios and,
  • plan for financial independence.

Sébastien does not provide investment advice or product recommendations. You make your decisions on your own.

Sébastien has very limited availability each week.

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What past clients are saying...

"Sebastien's expertise was essential in helping me invest in ETFs from Belgium. He carefully evaluated different brokers, explained the importance of Belgian tax implications for ETFs, and provided me with a comprehensive framework for analyzing these investments."
Matteo Graceffa
Matteo Graceffa
Co-Founder BelgiumImmo
"Delighted to have been able to discuss with Sébastien, who makes the investment very simple. Very rational and thoughtful approach."
Olivier D. G.
CFO & CIO in the medical field
"Sébastien is a very mindful person, very respectful towards everyone. Even if you do not know anything, he is very patient and very helpful with any question that you may have."
Lisa B.
BD Manager Europe

Toon Cuypers (EN/NL)

Index Investing and Personal Finance

Toon Cuypers

“Our time is limited, but money is not. You can buy time with money”.

Toon Cuypers is an avid lover of personal finance.

He has participated in dozens of FIRE Belgium meetups where he has helped hundreds of people better understand key concepts of personal finance and investing, including index funds and real estate.

Toon joined FIRE Belgium to develop the Dutch version of the index investing course “Indexbeleggen” and to put his personal finance experience at the service of the community.

Toon offers consultations (available in EN and NL) to help people:

  • develop and optimize index investing plans,
  • budget and save more money,
  • reflect on index investing vs. real estate investing.

Toon does not provide investment advice or product recommendations. You make your decisions on your own.

What past clients are saying...

"I have made mistakes in the past with other investment products and wanted to learn from someone with experience. I also wanted to save myself the time to look up all the info myself and was able to get a quick start on index investing."
Els S.
Civil servant
"I don't have the time to look everything up by myself. I was looking for an easy solution that I felt good about. I can now invest in a way that I feel comfortable with. I also felt Toon's passion for index investing."
Mirja V.

Tim Nijsmans (EN/NL)

Index Investing and Personal Finance

Tim Nijsmans

“Index investing is so easy in theory but our ego and biases are in the way. I hope we can help enough people to get over those hurdles”.

Tim Nijsmans is a (real) independent advisor who helps people to start with index investing. He also teaches the course ‘Private banking’ to 3th year Bachelors Finance.
He is active with the Flemish Federation of Investors (VFB) and a former wealth and fund manager.
After 25 years as a Buffett loving, active investor who managed 300 million euro with a small private bank in Antwerp he opened his own advice firm.
The ETF and passive investing world has opened his eyes that there is a much better way to help clients.
Tim has a deep knowledge of ETF’s and portfolio construction. Also, the fiscal implications for Belgian investors are a focus of his advice. He helps you explore the tool to find yourself the best ETF’s available in Europe.
Tim does not provide investment advice or product recommendations. You make your decisions on your own.
Tim has limited availability each week.

What past clients are saying...

"Voor no-nonsense advies en goede achtergrondinformatie, tips en duiding op een eerlijke manier: de Vermogensgids staat hiervoor met stip op nummer 1. Coaching op hoog niveau. Geen bla bla maar feiten. Geen utopie, wel realistische opties. Voor ons is het TOP."
"For no-nonsense advice and good background information, tips and interpretation in an honest manner: the Assets Guide is number 1 for this. Coaching at a high level. No blabla, just facts. No utopia, but realistic options. For us it is TOP."
Arielle Pauwels
"Eerlijk en vriendelijk advies voor je vermogensopbouw." "Honest and friendly advice for your wealth accumulation."
Geert Hoffbauer
"Tim heeft mij heel goed en op een professionele manier geholpen bij het evalueren van hoeveel transactiebelasting ik moest betalen op enkele investeringen die ik in het buitenland had. Sterk aanbevolen." "Tim helped me very well and in a professional way in evaluating how much TOB tax I had to pay on some investments I had abroad. Strongly recommended!"
Marco B

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Feel free to send your questions to hello@firebelgium.com and we will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible. Please mention “1:1 consultation” in the email subject line.

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