Money Week 2024

Free Online Summit (18 - 22 March 2024): BELGIUM MONEY WEEK 2024

What you’ll learn:

  • How to earn more money (with freelancing / self-employment and by leveling up at work)
  • How to invest better (stock market as a company owner and first real estate investment)
  • How to plan for your pension (or early retirement)
One event each evening at around 8 PM for 5 days.

Organized by FIRE Belgium and hosted by Sebastien Aguilar


5 evenings, 5 experts, 5 keys to level-up your personal finances and investing:

    • Monday, March 18
              – At 8.00PM: How to earn more by becoming a freelancer?
      At 8.45PM: How to grow your freelancing business?
      With Jenny BjörklöfCommunity Leader  Freelancers in Belgium, and Jean-François Bodart, Sales Trainer & Business Development Specialist, Bizdev

    • Tuesday, March 19 at 8PM: Leveling up at work (and earning more), with Judith Escalier, Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Coach, Creciendo.

    • Thursday, March 21 at 8PM: How to invest as a company owner in Belgium, with Tim Nijmans, fee-only independent financial advisor, Vermogengids.

    • Friday, March 22 at 8PM: How to succeed with your first real estate investment in Belgium, with Joris Van Briel, Finance & Strategy Consultant.


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Meet the Speakers

Jenny Bjorklof - Money Week 2024

Jenny Björklöf

Community Leader Freelancers in Belgium

Jenny escaped the golden cage a few years ago and started as a marketing freelancer. She leads and runs the Freelancers in Belgium community with 13,500+ members. Learn from her experience and the ones of the many freelance members

Jean-François Bodart

Sales Trainer & Business Development Specialist, Bizdev

Jean-François Bodart is a Business Development Specialist and Sales Trainer. With over a decade of freelancing experience and with deep knowledge about all things sales and business development, he’s the perfect guide to help you navigate your freelance journey (to-be).

Judith Escalier - Money Week 2024

Judith Escalier

Certified Executive Coach and Leadership Coach, Creciendo.

Judith is  passionate about helping people to perform better in all areas of their life, to take the steps to unleash their full potential, and reach their personal and professional goals. She specializes in helping people identify their career goals and empowering them to make meaningful changes.

Benny Lieben - Money Week 2024

Benny Lieben

Director of the Bureau for International Agreements of the Belgian Federal Service of Pensions (FPD/SFP).

Benny Lieben has been working for the Federal Pension Service since 1997, most of the time for the Bureau for International Agreements.  In this talk, Benny will explain in simple terms how the Belgian pension system works. He aims to inform citizens so that they can better understand their Belgian pension and retirement plans.

Tim Nijmans - Money Week 2024

Tim Nijmans

Fee-only independent financial advisor, Vermogengids.

Tim Nijsmans is a (real) independent advisor specializing in index investing, with expertise in ETFs and portfolio construction. Also, the fiscal implications for Belgian investors are a focus of his advice.
After 25 years as a Buffett loving, active investor who managed 300 million euro with a small private bank in Antwerp, he opened his own advice firm, following his realization of the benefits of ETF and passive investing.
Tim also shares his knowledge by teaching the course ‘Private Banking’ to 3th year Bachelor Finance and is actively involved with the Flemish Federation of Investors (VFB).

Tim is also a FIRE Belgium Consultant and is available for 1-on-1 consultations.

Joris Van Briel

Finance and Strategy Consultant

Joris holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Antwerp and an eMBA from the Antwerp Management School. He initially worked as an investment expert at BNPPF, later transitioning to a Private Banker role at Dierickx Leys Private Bank, Antwerp, where he managed clients’ funds and investments. Concurrently, he ventured into real estate, acquiring and managing multiple apartments in Antwerp’s city center.
Over the past two years, Joris has shifted focus, offering his expertise as a freelance real estate appraiser and investment consultant to various companies, aiding clients in identifying and evaluating investment opportunities.
Additionally, Joris runs a consulting side business, guiding individuals in real estate investment for a fee and sharing free advice through his YouTube channel, The Money Network. Asides from real estate investing, he is actively involved in the stock market as both an investor and the president of an investment club.

Meet the Host

Sebastien Aguilar - Money Week 2024

Sébastien Aguilar

Sébastien Aguilar is an educator and community builder in the areas of personal finance and investing.
He reached financial independence (and early retirement) at 33, solely via saving and index investing and since then spends most of his time with his wife and 2 boys.
He has been helping people start index investing since 2015. In 2019 he founded FIRE Belgium, a fast-growing community of more than 8500 people today who help each other take control of their finances to live better lives.
Sébastien is the lead instructor of the Index Investing Online Course, where he takes people from zero to a fully optimised and automated investment personal system.

FIRE Belgium - Money Week 2024

FIRE Belgium

FIRE Belgium is a personal finance education community and business based in Belgium.
We are here to help you earn, save and invest better so that you can build financial security and financial freedom, one step at a time.
We use simple and effective methods to take control of our finances and progress towards Financial Independence (and efficient retirement).
By focusing on education, FIRE Belgium defeats the conflict of interest that plague the investment industry.
FIRE Belgium teaches investing based on the knowledge and experience developed over decades by individual investors like you and me, not by the industry.
We derive our investment strategy from the Bogleheads community which started in 1998 and we adapt it to the Belgian context (market structure, taxes, brokers, etc.)
This means that we optimise for what works for the investor (not for the industry): long-term performance, minimum fees, appropriate asset allocation, long-term mindset, simplicity and automation.
We see money and investing as tools to live better lives, not as an end in itself.


People who live in Belgium or are from Belgium living abroad, who are interested in learning more about personal finance. If you would like to know more about how to earn more, invest better and better understand the pension system, this event is for you.

After submitting the form, you’ll receive an email with the details of each talk and the links to the Zoom meetings.

The talks will be recorded and we hope to release the replays as part of our video podcast The FIRE Belgium Show. You can find it on YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music and Apple Podcast.

The Money Week events are all FREE! Personal finance is something that should be taught in school. We want this to benefit as many people as possible.

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