My biggest reason for investing is that I want to give my children a better future than I had.

I am now 38 and have my life on track. My wife and I don’t earn that badly and have already been able to save a nice amount. It’s time to do something meaningful and future-oriented with it. FIRE Belgium came into my life at the right time.

I did not hesitate to take the course and have not regretted it for a moment. 

I recommend it to anyone who wants to get more out of their money in a passive way. I admit that these are not the best economic times, but you will learn that it is actually an ideal situation to start investing. 

Start the course and take matters into your own hands!

Gunther Konings 2

Gunther Konings

The program was very beneficial to get started with Index Investing. 

The course provides both the understanding of how index investing works as well as the practical steps and confidence to go ahead with it. I benefited mostly from the practical part, especially in picking a Broker, an ETF, and optimizing taxes. A small mistake or suboptimal choice in investing may easily cost more than the price of this program. 

After the course, I was able to invest confidently and regularly for the long term with peace of mind. 

Jad Rizk

Jad Rizk


I’ve followed the course in the winter of 2021 – at the time I was 32 – and have been actively investing since. I can now invest for myself in a long term low risk approach with the hopes of reaching a financially secure and/or comfortable life. 

The course breaks down all the necessary steps, from understanding the principles to actively getting started. It highlights potential pitfalls as well as beneficial aspects to adhere to, ensuring a stable long term investment strategy for Belgians. Different execution strategies are made available to suit your preferences. To follow the course is an investment itself, in both time and a money, however I’ve never regretted it. The quality of the mic and camera could be a little better but the knowledge is nevertheless ingestible.

For sure, I recommend this for everyone that wants to build financial stability beyond the typical Belgian governments funds or bank funds in a low risk manner, without the additional inflated taxes and fees that diminish your return. Especially for young tweens I cannot but recommend – and have done so – in order to get the compounding started. The earlier you start, the faster you get the compounding effects going. I have noticed that gen z prefers the curvo way over the few manual steps you have to as is laid out in this course, which I identify more as the millennial’s way of investing.


This knowledge is for absolutely everyone who doesn’t know where to start handling their money. Whether you save 500 euros, 5000 euros or more, you, as a regular normal person who hasn’t got any financial education, you can learn to take control and invest your money without having to rely on a bank or some other financial service provider. Absolutely everyone, whether you are a student, just starting at a job, more advanced or even already retired. Everyone can benefit from taking control of their finances and their lives.



Make your money work for you in a reasonable way, not in a casino style where it’s either a winner or loser, but it’s really in a robust, thoughtful way that can definitely be a much better option than just having it  lying on your bank account. 


Since starting investing over one year ago, I have seen a return on my investment of roughly 9%.



What you will learn in the course is that the sooner you get into the markets, the more benefit you will have out of it, depending of course on the amount of money you invest and for how long. But you will see it probably growing faster than on your savings accounts or with a bank investment. So you will earn the course price back quite quickly.



It provides all the information you need to take your own decisions.


Joke Jonckiere

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